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West Coast House

Status: Conceptual Design
Project Area: 5, 000 sq. ft.
Project Type: Single Residential
Year: 2021

Perched majestically atop a steep hill with commanding views of the Caribbean Sea, this design not only embraces the breathtaking location but responds intelligently to the local tropical climate. The architectural approach involves the creation of expansive outdoor spaces that seamlessly connect two distinct volumes, balancing both public and private domains.

The design's response to the tropical climate is evident in the incorporation of generous outdoor spaces that serve as integral components of the living experience. By strategically interconnecting the public and private volumes with open-air areas, the design encourages a harmonious coexistence with the natural environment. This allows residents to fully immerse themselves in the tropical setting, enjoying the panoramic views and gentle breezes.

To address the challenges posed by the west-facing sun, horizontal sliding louvres have been ingeniously employed. These louvres not only act as shading devices but also provide a dynamic element to the design. By adjusting the louvres, residents can control the amount of sunlight entering the outdoor spaces, ensuring that these areas remain comfortable throughout the day. This thoughtful implementation demonstrates a keen understanding of the importance of shade in the tropical climate, enhancing the usability and comfort of the outdoor spaces.


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