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Trinidad Hills

Status: Conceptual Design
Project Area: 2, 500 sq. ft.
Project Type: Single Residential

Situated in the St. Joseph area of Trinidad & Tobago, this plot offers a predominantly flat terrain with a gentle slope towards the east. The site's unique features include picturesque views of nearby mountains, providing an opportunity to incorporate the stunning landscape into the design.

The ground floor serves as the heart of the residence, characterized by a spacious open-plan living and kitchen area. This inviting space is accessible through a recessed, weather-protected entrance, ensuring a warm and welcoming arrival for residents and guests alike. Large openings in both the living and kitchen areas not only enhance the sense of openness but also provide access to both front and back patios. This strategic design not only promotes indoor-outdoor living but also facilitates cross ventilation, allowing refreshing breezes to flow throughout the living space. The integration of outdoor patios creates opportunities for residents to enjoy the scenic beauty of the surroundings while providing additional areas for relaxation and entertainment.

For the more private domains, the first floor of the house is dedicated to personal spaces. These areas are carefully positioned to take full advantage of the breathtaking mountain views that characterize the landscape. Large openings on the first floor serve a dual purpose, allowing natural light to flood the interiors while framing the beautiful views that contribute to the overall ambiance of the home.

A distinctive feature of the architectural design is the incorporation of operable aluminum fins. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these fins serve practical functions by defining the structure and enhancing security. Additionally, they provide solar shading, effectively managing sunlight to create a comfortable and energy-efficient living environment. This dual functionality showcases a commitment to both design excellence and practical sustainability.

The design is a harmonious fusion of modern living, stunning vistas, and thoughtful design elements. The careful consideration of the natural surroundings, coupled with functional and aesthetic choices, results in a residence that not only captures the essence of its location but also provides a comfortable and inspiring retreat for its inhabitants.


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