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Contemporary villa overlooking Calivigny island in Egmont Grenada

Status: Completed
Project Area: 5,515 sq. ft
Project Type: Residential

Nestled in the heart of Point Salines, St. George, this exceptional residence comprises three carefully designed two-bedroom apartments, each featuring an enchanting rooftop sanctuary for relaxation. Immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of efficient design and ample space, seamlessly connecting to outdoor verandah areas.

The villa showcases clean lines, expansive glass windows, and an open layout that fosters a profound connection with the outdoors. Deliberately considering the orientation of the sun and wind, the design optimizes indoor climatic conditions, offering a welcoming invitation to embrace modern living where comfort converges with elegance.

The building comprises three two-bedroom apartments with an open-plan Living/Dining/Kitchen area, Two Bedrooms, two Bathrooms, a Powder Room, and a Verandah area. Additionally, there is a one-bedroom apartment with an open-plan Living/Dining/Kitchen area, One Bedroom, One Bathroom, and a Verandah area.

The modern structure provides shared rooftop space for tenants, offering both open and covered areas for lounging. Amenities include shared laundry facilities, a communal swimming pool, parking for at least one car per apartment, and water tank storage space.

In summary, this contemporary haven seamlessly blends modern design, lush surroundings, and a harmonious connection with nature. It delivers a serene living experience, with the added allure of breathtaking sunset views from the comfort of its chic, nature-inspired space.

Contemporary villa overlooking Calivigny island in Egmont Grenada


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