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Serenity Point

Contemporary villa overlooking Calivigny island in Egmont Grenada

Status: Completed
Project Area: 5, 240 sq.ft.
Project Type: Residential

This contemporary two-story residential house is a stunning embodiment of island living, seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor spaces for a harmonious and inviting atmosphere. The design features a small infinity-edge pool and a spacious covered outdoor verandah, creating an ideal setting for lounging, cooking, and dining. Upon entering the building, a generous foyer welcomes residents and guests, immediately offering captivating views of the inviting swimming pool.

The property boasts a large outdoor patio with an outdoor kitchen, positioned directly adjacent to the living room space. This strategically designed area not only provides a perfect extension of the interior but also offers scenic views of the harbor and the Fort Jeudy Peninsular. The outdoor space becomes a focal point for socializing and relaxation, making the most of the natural beauty surrounding the property.

All bedrooms in this design have direct access to a balcony area, offering a perfect vantage point for witnessing the breathtaking sunrise. This thoughtful arrangement allows residents to connect with the natural elements and embrace the picturesque views of the island.

The design palette incorporates natural tones of wood, white rendered concrete, and woven textures, creating a sense of comfort and warmth. Light tones, exemplified by the marble-look backsplash and countertops, as well as white plaster, contribute to a decluttered and open space. This choice not only enhances the overall aesthetic appeal but also fosters a welcoming atmosphere, inviting residents and guests to feel at ease in their island retreat.

In summary, this contemporary residential house is a celebration of island living, where the seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces, along with a carefully chosen palette of materials, creates a home that is both stylish and comfortable. The design maximizes the natural surroundings, offering a tranquil and inviting haven for those seeking the authentic essence of island living.

Contemporary villa overlooking Calivigny island in Egmont Grenada


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