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Paradise Commercial Project

Status: In Construction
Project Area: 21,000 sq.ft.
Project Type: Conceptual Design

The proposed Supermarket complex is situated in a lush valley, offering a serene setting in close proximity to one of the major towns in Grenada. The primary objective of this innovative project is to design a contemporary supermarket that not only caters to the Caribbean climate but also redefines commercial developments in Grenada through careful planning and integrated design.

The building comprises a supermarket on the ground floor and additional facilities including a mini-mart, offices, and a conference room on the first floor. Leveraging the slope of the land, the design strategically places the parking area and entrance to the supermarket on the lower level, while the gas station and mini-mart are positioned on the top level for easy accessibility from the main road.

The advantage of the sloping land is not only utilized for practical considerations but also contributes to the overall aesthetic and functionality of the complex. This thoughtful layout ensures a seamless flow and efficient use of space while enhancing the customer experience.

Green building techniques take center stage in the design, reflecting a commitment to sustainability. Sun shading systems are strategically implemented, particularly on the facades where the impact of the sun is most intense. This approach serves a dual purpose: reducing solar heat gain and optimizing interior climate control. By integrating these features, the design not only enhances energy efficiency but also creates a comfortable and environmentally conscious shopping environment.


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