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Hope City Villa

Status: In Construction
Project Area: 9, 000 sq. ft.
Project Type: Single Residential

Hope City Villa, situated along the enchanting eastern coast of Grenada, offers a contemporary architectural masterpiece that seamlessly integrates with its natural surroundings while providing breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and the eastern coastline. The design philosophy revolves around a harmonious blend of minimalistic clean lines and the use of natural materials, fostering a symbiotic relationship between the built environment and the beauty of the landscape.

The villa's exterior spaces are carefully covered to create shaded areas for outdoor living, serving the dual purpose of providing comfort while minimizing glare and heat transmission to the interior. This design approach ensures that residents can fully enjoy the stunning views and the Caribbean climate while remaining sheltered from the elements. The strategic orientation of all rooms towards the panoramic views, coupled with large openings, captures the essence of Caribbean living by inviting in sea breezes. This design choice not only optimizes natural ventilation but also creates an open and airy atmosphere throughout the villa, enhancing the overall living experience.

The ground floor unfolds as a welcoming entrance, where wide stairs lead across a small pond into an entrance courtyard. Instant views extend across a large infinity pool to the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean. The layout allows easy access to the Master Bedroom, Open Plan Living Spaces, and additional bedrooms. This thoughtful arrangement provides a sense of arrival and a visual connection to the surrounding landscape. Descending to the basement level, a staircase leads to a lounge area with access to an en-suite bedroom, an office, a gym, and a bathroom. This lower level complements the living spaces above, offering additional functional areas for relaxation, work, and exercise.

The architectural inspiration drawn from the wild, rugged Atlantic Coastline is evident in the choice of materials. Durable and low-maintenance materials such as natural stone, rammed earth walls, and polished concrete floors, embody the resilience required to withstand the island's harsh climate. Complemented by lime wash walls and sun-bleached timber, these materials contribute to the villa's natural elegance, creating a home that not only stands as a work of art but also resonates with the spirit of its coastal surroundings. Hope City Villa is a testament to the thoughtful integration of design and environment, providing a luxurious and sustainable retreat along Grenada's eastern coastline.


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